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Choose Your Commercial License

Glenn-San produces instrumental music for commercial use by artists and other content creators for their songs, films, plays, animations, advertisements, social media posts, video games, vlogs, live streams, podcasts, and more!  Glenn-San is pro-artist, which is why all Glenn-San beat licenses are unlimited—meaning after your one-time purchase of a license, there are no numerical limits or expiration dates on how many times you successfully sell/distribute your new song or other synchronized content through concert ticket sales, digital sales, views, streams, radio plays, etc. 


If you’ve purchased a limited beat license before, you may have run into the problem of having to renew the license (buy the beat again) just as soon as your new song finally starts to get traction! Glenn-San seeks to eliminate this hindrance for artists by specifically providing beats without such limitations.


Glenn-San offers two types of beat licenses:

1. Non-exclusive, unlimited licenses

2. Exclusive, unlimited licenses


Non-exclusive, unlimited beat licenses grant the licensee (buyer) the non-transferable right to unlimited, derivative use of the beat in exchange for a one-time license payment upfront. Being non-exclusive, these licenses can be held by an unlimited number of purchasers to be used within the terms of the license agreement. For this reason, these licenses do not grant full ownership (sound recording rights) of any new song or content created with the beat. These licenses are best for the following:

  • Songs that will be used for promoting newer artists via single release, live performances, music streaming, music videos, demos, mixtapes, EPs, remixes, or freestyles

  • Background or theme music for ads, film, vlogs, podcasts, streaming, video essays, TikTok, etc.


These licenses are sold with 50% ownership of the performance copyright of the new song while Glenn-San retains 50%.

Exclusive, unlimited beat licenses are those that allow the licensee unlimited use of a beat in exchange for a one-time, license payment upfront. Being exclusive, this type of license grants non-transferable ownership of the beat’s master recording rights to just 1 buyer (unless the beat was previously leased non-exclusively). The buyer with an exclusive license is the only one who can create new songs and also own the sound recording rights of those new songs with the beat, or synchronize the beat for other purposes within the terms of the license agreement. Exclusive beats are ideal for the following:

  • Music artists wanting to create their own original song for a commercial single, album, etc. while being legally protected from other content creators using the beat.

  • Films, podcasts, vlogs, plays, shows, etc. that want to have a unique, legally-protected theme or soundtrack for their brand.

These licenses are sold with 70% ownership of the performance copyright of any new songs made while Glenn-San retains 30%.

All exclusive Glenn-San beat licenses require a 3% advance against royalties.  This means: if the content for which the exclusive beat is used becomes profitable, Glenn-San will be due 3% of the difference between the content's annual mechanical royalty revenue and what was paid for the beat license.

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